Michael Tobias Knows Insurance Coverage Is Complicated. His Company Is Here To Help Americans

Healthcare reform in the U.S. was aimed at improving access, cost and services. When the idea was first floated during the administration of former President Barack Obama, Americans had to take a hard look at the quality of treatment they received and as a result were often shocked to learn that other industrialized countries were doing better than we were. Whether or not you agree with what the Affordable Care Act accomplished after its 2010 signing into law, it did set one thing in stone: Every American needs to be covered.

This stipulation, called the “individual mandate,” means that everyone in America needs healthcare coverage provided either by their employer or obtained through government-backed programs. Again, the goal here is to keep the cost of healthcare down and is accomplished through having everyone pay into the system. The latter route — where people were suddenly required to find insurance on their own in a vast marketplace of providers — was entirely new to many people. Naturally, the confusion surrounding the process only seemed to get deeper as time went on. Fortunately, some people stepped up to the plate to help Americans get the medical plans they required to lead healthier lives and to avoid the government-imposed fines for foregoing coverage.

On the topic of insurance, Michael Tobias knows all about what Americans need. That’s because the highly-experienced staff whom he employs work directly with people in need of coverage who are often unsure about which plans are right for them. Anyone who has ever tried to sign up for a plan due to the “individual mandate” knows that inefficiencies in the system keep this from being a painless process. When looking to discuss insurance with Michael Tobias and his company, you’ll be in touch with individuals who know how to help you navigate the hurdles of finding a policy that fits your needs and budget.

The insurance company Michael Tobias currently helms has specialized in this sector since 2009 and in the nearly decade since, customers have been able to opt for everything from basic coverage to a health savings account (HSA) that can be a true gift in times of need.  It’s one of the reasons why the motto of this company is “Keeping Clients for Life.” The providers that Michael Tobias’ insurance company works with allow you, the American consumer, to shop around and find plans that you may have otherwise missed or never even knew existed.