Don’t Be Overwhelmed By Modern Healthcare Market’s Options, Tobias and Associates Says

Michael Tobias insuranceThere was a time, and it wasn’t so long ago, that having health insurance wasn’t mandated by the federal government. This also means that the penalty for being uninsured didn’t exist. The passage of the Affordable Care Act changed all that in spring 2010, and there are just as many singing its praises as there are still hoping for its downfall. Regardless of your take, Tobias and Associates is here to say two things: Insurance is a requirement and the world as it was before “Obamacare” was still a labyrinth of healthcare plans. That’s why health insurance, Michael Tobias says, has always been a rather complicated affair. Thus, generations of Americans have turned to his company for help with finding a plan that fits their unique needs.

According to The Washington Post, pre-Affordable Care Act days were marked by middle-class families being at risk of losing their coverage. One out of every four Americans at the time “either lacked health insurance or were underinsured (defined as those who were insured, yet spent a high share of their income on medical care).” All told, that’s 79 million people who could be left in the lurch if an emergency medical bill threw their world for a loop. Making matters worse was the fact that health insurance premiums were outpacing wage increases so paying into the plans was becoming a losing proposition for cash-strapped Americans. On the topic of insurance, Michael Tobias says that the need to make health care affordable – and that’s the operative word here – was an idea whose time had come. According to CNN figures from 2017, a total of 11.4 million Americans signed up via Obamacare policies for that year so the overall benefits of expanded coverage options means more chances to stay – or get – healthy.

Tobias and Associates knows that if you aren’t offered health insurance through your employer, finding a carrier that can help you and your family is a true lifeline. Speaking of lifelines, Michael Tobias says insurance offered on a short-term basis can make a world of difference during hectic times in life. Changing jobs shouldn’t disqualify you from coverage that helps pay off hospital bills. When working with a company that gets you quotes from insurance companies, consumers can pick up and drop plans at their convenience and not fear penalties from the provider. Through a third-party provider like GetMeHealthcare, customers will benefit from the direct contact that this company has with insurance policy carriers. Whether it’s life insurance or dental insurance, the peace of mind that comes with having coverage is complemented by how affordable it is to work with a company like Tobias and Associates.

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